Monday, 22 April 2013


Once upon a time when there was no Internet facility available, it was really hectic to do the trading of any type. Be it stock trading, commodity trading or share trading. Investors had no choice and used to call the brokers via telephone and used to place an order on the telephone itself. It was a lengthy process which included many steps and consumed lots of time and energy. But then there was an introduction of online trading which actually helped the investors and put them on an ease. Now today online trading has experienced a significant growth. Investors have got the facility of placing the orders online and enter orders directly. This step helps both the client as well as brokerage firm. It protects them as it saves them from the unlawful or incorrect trades. By doing so client’s portfolio can be prevented from affecting badly. Online share trading has become very popular now days. There is speed and ease of online order entry. Even the fees and charges are lower if compared the services these brokerage firms provide. Best advantage of online share trading is convenience that it provides. With the help of it, it is very easy, simple, fast and efficient. You can take whatever actions you want to take and you have the control over these actions as well.

Going to a place and standing in queue and waiting for your number to come, spending so much times are some of the reasons of many interested people that prevent them from investing in share trading. Otherwise there are many people who are curious in share trading. They do not want to suffer all those hassles mentioned above. Many people do not have time to fulfill all those steps. But with the help of online trading it has become very easy to do it hassle free. You can buy and sell anytime, anywhere with the help of Internet. You can avoid that paper work, many people hates. During non marketing hours also you can easily place an order to sell or buy. It is easily possible with the help of online trading.

You can do the paperless transactions. You can share certificates, get it deposited on electronic form in your web trade account. During non market hours also it is convenient to place an order. Foreign investors and NRI can also invest easily in Indian markets with the help of Online Share Trading facility. Ample amount of information is also available on Internet and you have access and right to that information at any time. There is proper record of all the transactions and they all are available at your fingertips with you.
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