Friday, 24 May 2013

What is good about Commodity Trading?

Trade in commodities over years has gained immense popularity. Some ponder over that financialisation of the market of the commodity have made them more efficient. Others hesitate that financialisation has led to price distortions and volatility. The debate on the reasons for the fluctuation on the primary commodities is endless. The good about the commodity trading is its benefits which it serves to the end customer.

Important Benefits of the Commodity Trading are:-

Buying and selling:- Commodity of future trading allows the trader to either buy or sell the contract. The traders can make profits from the commodities. All they need to do is to analyze the market well and draw if not accurate then appropriate presumptions about the fluctuations in the price of the commodity. The trader may buy the commodity today and on the later date if prices of the commodity show a hike, they can surely sell them then. Similarly if the trader thinks that the prices of the commodity would fall in the future then he can sell the commodity today and can buy it again in future to earn profits.

Commodity Trading can be done with Small Amount of Trading:- Commodity Trading makes use of leverages. The trading can be done with lot of upfront capital. So after there is no interest charged for the use of leverage. As there is margin for trading in stocks, also one can ideally start trading in the commodity with low capital at the start.

Volatility in few markets offers high huge potential for high and instant profits:-Few commodities and contracts on TOMCOM as gasoline, kerosene offers large fluctuations in the prices. This indeed gives way to dynamic market where instant profits can be made by the traders. Commodity marketing hence provides huge profits to the traders as per the norms of the markets.

investments in the commodity markets have gained huge prominence ever since early days. The commodity market indeed is easier and quicker way to earn profits but one should hold enough anticipation caliber to judge when the prices are about to fluctuate and in what direction.

Trading is always a is a business of risk, at times it turns the trader Phoenix to ashes and at times from ashes to Phoenix. The trader should try to well judge the fluctuation to avoid losses. Many a time wrong decision can indeed leave the trader suffer from high losses.

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